Bonny Cassidy



The hour, I can’t tell

Not yet blue — the hour
that passes between 2 and 3 —

but yellowed and clean cut. When colours turn over and become
just what they are: algebra
               or freak                                                           then turn again.

Breathe grip breathe grip across the fleshcoloured wall                                      trunks x
200, leaves the size of nebulae, sprayed black, the scale so close to the eye they
might be motes. So close I doubt myself

lodged in the bathroom window.



Bonny Cassidy is a Melbourne-based poet and writer. Her chapbook, Said To Be Standing, was published by Vagabond Press in 2010, to be followed by a first full collection, Certain Fathoms, through Puncher & Wattmann in late 2011. Bonny has written widely on Australian poetry and poetics, and teaches literature and creative writing. She is currently undertaking the Marten Bequest Scholarship for Poetry.