Paul Fearne


Never been seen

           the hills hide my wavering breath
       from what the night would take as its own

a rock-cave hides art that has never been seen

                in the moment between the dusk
        and the last breath of the stars
     there is a whistling sound
it tells the ploughman’s harvest
that the dew will always blanket his footsteps

and when movement finally stops on a darkened sea
                     the waves will call out
        and cradle themselves
in shadows of release



Paul Fearne is a Melbourne poet and writer. His poems have appeared widely in journals such as Westerly, Mascara Literary Review, Divan and Unusual Work. His first book, Diary of a Schizophrenic, was launched at the 2010 Melbourne Writers Festival. His second book, A Schizophrenic on Artaud, has recently been released through Chipmunkapublishing in the UK. He blogs at literaryleaves.

Fearne writes: “This poem is one of my oneiric poems (meaning dreaming-like). Through fragmented images and unusual associations, the poem attempts to find that beauty that may be discovered in dreams.”