Mark Young


Materialist hermeneutics

The oven is a
resonant space
within which I
can move easily.

I put an egg &
some hotdogs in-
to it; what comes
out is expanded

& dynamically
rearranged. Each
time it is the
event itself which

operates against
the ego in order
to make room for
deconstruction; &

in doing so, opens
a window in which
to explicitly address
the techno-sexuality

of the digital page.


Meanwhile, in Antioch

Quick trip to
the supermarket-
bread, plums,
pretzels, &
bottles of water
that cost more
than gasoline. The
Sultans of Swing
pick me up as I
enter, but I’m in &
out before they’ve
done covering the
whole store. May-
be their pantry
is in dire straits.



Mark Young’s most recent books are Asemic Colon, an ebook from The Red Ceilings Press, and The Codicils, a 600-page selection of work written during the past four years, from Otoliths.