Todd Turner


The Juggler

Beneath the perpetual orbit
of spinning worlds, haphazardly
balanced upon the east-west

axis of a rocking plank,
a man juggles a quintet
of earth’s most principal form.

Five glittering orbs go up,
willing the onlookers awake
as the spun trajectory arcs

and cascades in a formula fit
for the confines of geometry,
or the mute notation of plotted

notes graphed in the minds
of those who map them out
across the horizontal lines of a stave.



Todd Turner’s first collection of poetry Woodsmoke was recently published by Black Pepper Publishing. His poems have appeared in various journals, newspapers and anthologies including Meanjin, Australian Poetry Journal, Cordite, Islet, Overland, Quadrant, Southerly, The Weekend Australian and Verity La. In 2013 he was awarded the inaugural Jean Cecily Drake Brockman Poetry Prize.