Bonny Cassidy


Sick in the head

The nineteenth century clicks
round the square, a spring-loaded pigeon.
Stone on cloudy stone ripples

beneath his boots
through the strasse hordes—
defaced men beware

his cherried shield
not quite crimson, deeply orange
it talks

to them in their own language, it walks
like Werther, their rosy-fingered neighbour

but it’s Fanta-Face, they whisper
here it comes


comes now
asking for coffee
the women staining themselves with black bread, hello—

here come
his women in men, his men in magenta



Bonny Cassidy’s most recent book is Final Theory (Giramondo, 2014). She lectures in Creative Writing at RMIT University and is guest editor of a “transtasman” issue of Cordite Poetry Review to be published in August 2015.