Katrinka Moore



Gorge means throat and the rovers falter
at the sheer walls, narrow floor, wonder

if it is a path, wonder where it leads — horseshoe
curve to the right, straightaway, bend to the left.

Down here winding, neither of them knows
which direction they’re walking, yesterday’s

clear sky turned thick-clouded, low over long-
empty channel, in this present no water, no sun, no

wind. Silence, or as close as they’ve ever been.



wind-warped cedar, rock and stone
heat and the glare of it

                sheds as she goes, grows gaunt

a single willow where water once ran

                hunkers down, heels
                sink in soft soil

shade, trace of damp air

                walks on for the sake of it

twist in the trail, rise



Katrinka Moore is the author of Numa, Thief, and This is Not a Story. Her next book, Wayfarers, will be published by Pelekinesis in 2018.