David Prater


tribesco krowe

stencil this: a persistent drone
tribesco krowe on a corrugated
iron roof its passage staccato
all along a gutter sparrows go

an oily chimera of heavy flight
& a radar pattern signals flat
my diagrams uneasy eyes a cast
silhouette on the dim graffiti

momentary shadow of an uberlord
steps across a skys grave send
vigilant krowe below a chimney
sotto voce: tribesco don’t go

krowe scan a branch for omens
luck written in a feathers jazz
corrupt the mynor morning blast
on breakfasts only chosen notes


haiku: [enjambement]

breaks into sunshine like a
dog upon a pond

reflections collide
in the state forests full of
green ukrainians

built a big square pool
a private leisure centre
up past anglesea

beware the great ocean
roads corrugation wonder
tyres love the earths drains

some shattered morning
a koala a chainsaw
australian dreams

of horizontal
views of empty possession
of a level plane

up past angahook
beyond the loggers canvas
camps desolation

sounds like yesterday
bitterness as currency
some velvet yawning

too little dreaming
empty materialist

worn like a warning
batteries silent missiles
on the old fritz time

for thermals time to
hit whats left of tomorrow
helling all the day

another petrol
tank to fill time for dreaming
to commence your wish

will now begin take
a deep breath begin to walk


impossible socks

socks from guernsey socks
of bristol ariadne’s thread
a whistle of steamers rising
higher than a bi-plane’s arc

wool damp with mud-sweat
wedged into every second
parcel from home the rain
of letters withers daytime

impossible stocks hatred
dreaming socks stitches
several strings a colour
electric as a rag picker’s

bundle stashed in moments
before the lightning flash
a grenade guards the exit
even the future is darned



Since 2000 David Prater has edited Cordite Poetry Review, an online poetry and poetics journal ‹cordite.org.au›. In 2005 he will travel to Seoul, Korea as an Asialink resident.