Glenn Bach



(from Atlas Peripatetic)

coo and flight
low-toned moaning

         medium-sized slender
         neck black bill
         pale buff brown
         purple and green
         black marking midway
         wings with dark primaries
         pointed at tip

crop milk for three days then seeds and
                           corn, crab grass
                           croton, crowfoot
                           evening browntop
                           grain sorghum
                           johnson grass
                           pine seed, poke weed
                           primrose millet
                           proso millet
                           rye, sedges
                           sudan grass
                           sunflower, wheat
                           wild millets, wild peas

six broods in evergreen trees
         loblolly pines
         red cedar

                  ten to thirty feet in the air

wing coverts and scapulars
         crown slate
         nape slate
         hindneck slate

a pinkish wash
a bluish ring of bare skin

         in the open fields
                           cooper’s hawk
                           indigo bunting
                           red fox
                           yellow-rumped warbler

         from the early regeneration
                           chestnut-sided warbler
                           gray fox
                           rabbits and deer
                           ruffed grouse
                           song sparrow
                           yellow-breasted chat

         among the park-like pine stands
                           bachman’s sparrow
                           red-cockaded woodpecker
                           wild turkeys

migratory dove over-winter
                  and short-lived, dying
                           within the year



Born and raised in Southern California, visual artist Glenn Bach maintains an active life as a composer of experimental music, with works appearing in such online projects/labels as and, and in concerts nationally and abroad. He has curated two successful concert series, and currently runs the site His current project is a poem sequence, ‘Atlas Peripatetic’, inspired by an extensive mapping of sounds on his morning walk, excerpts of which have appeared in such journals as The Argotist Online, Aught, Chiron Review, DIAGRAM, and hutt, among others.