David Adams

My blind brother asks me
what orange is

Orange was that holiday abroad,
the one with Gran, crinkled by life.
A sister to orange, confused and smelling of age.
There’s safety in orange,
like when Mum pushed the swing
while I stood by holding your eye stick.
Orange was that ruffled shirt you bought.
The moths ate it in the dark of the cupboard,
you were too chicken scared of wearing it.
Orange was your first concert in the sun.
Struggling to dance after too much pot,
or could it be the fact you hated the songs.
Orange was the damp soft sand rubbing on your face
at your favourite beach scattered with dry seaweed.
Orange was those rhythmic waves lapping at your feet,
wetting your legs but making you smile.
Orange submerges itself in your past
drifting along with no set goals,
almost confused by what colour it is.



David Adams has just completed a communications degree at Massey University in Wellington and is taking some time out to travel the world. He was born in England and moved to New Zealand with his family when he was 19 years old. David is currently living in Napier and will be travelling to U.S. this winter to work on a summer camp. In 2009, David hopes to teach English in either Mongolia or Korea. His future aims are to become a travel writer one day, and by the end of this year he wants to get his first tattoo. David loves going to music gigs and currently writes music reviews for C4 TV. When he isn't planning his next adventure he enjoys watching British comedies like The Office and Little Britain.