Carol Jenkins


One am, First January, 2006

Each boat’s white light, paired with red,
glides towards The Spit,
some have high lamps so their decks
are magnified in a frail wash of white.
The voices and engines vibrating,
carry clear across Middle Harbour.
Returning after midnight fireworks,
they add themselves together, like days,
until a chain of light plots the stillness
of dark water from Wyargine Point to where
they are, again, nothing behind the trees.



Carol Jenkins is a Sydney writer whose first book of poetry Fishing in the Devonian was published by Puncher & Wattmann in September 2008. Her work has been published in magazines and a program featuring her science poems was broadcast by Radio National’s Poetica program for National Science Week in August 2008. In 2007 she established River Road Press, which produces audio CDs of Australian poetry.