Jenny Bornholdt



I walk
and think, walk
and think,
then make myself
a home — I’m sorry,
make myself at home
in the trees.

Sometimes, then, I write a poem
made up of words like these:

              many foxes
              many dens

              many daggers
              many hens

              many lords
              many ladies

              many sane
              many crazies

              many men
              many wives

              many airports
              many knives



Jenny Bornholdt is a poet and anthologist. Her books of poetry include This Big Face (VUP, 1988), Moving House (VUP, 1989), Waiting Shelter (VUP, 1991) How We Met (VUP, 1995), These Days (2000) and Summer (Victoria University Press, 2003). Her latest collection, The Rocky Shore (VUP, 2008) won the Montana New Zealand Book Award for Poetry in 2009.