Hera Lindsay Bird



This night
take off your furious jacket.
You new in the river and me new in the river beside you.
Your body is lacquered and cold. My head is raw with it.

You found a spider in your hand. You held it like an almond.
I found your wild eyelid between my fingers
and kind of got the feel of it.
We walk back towards your parent’s house
the roses are smashing into each other.
Tell me what you are afraid of.


Your mattress is numb with flowers
your gliding thigh
the lung of your thigh
when you kiss me your mouth is boneless
but hey, lets relax.

I pressed my face up against
your red owl heart
your yellow owl heart.
You were hooting.


Inside your window the moon is halved
antique crows
the dark fire of bees

If I could come back to this time
I would come back to this time
I kind of got the feel of it.



Hera Bird is a student, currently living in Wellington. She was the 2009 winner of the Story! Inc. Prize for Poetry and the Maurice Gee Prize in Children’s Writing. This poem was written during the Iowa poetry course at Victoria University’s IIML.