Iain Britton


Unified Coloured Hats

The calendar              thins

and spring’s cracks              zigzag the paths.

We sit              joined at the tips of words.

Made-to-fit conversations

wrap around us              like haloes.

We sit              unified

coloured hats aglow. A cold plate
works on what was once a good meal.

You imagine uniquely.

                         You are emphatic.

Lying flat like urban sprawl

                         a make-believe horizon


I stand between you and the deep-blue rain.



Iain Britton has had his poetry published in many international magazines on and off line in soft and hardback. Oystercatcher Press (UK) published his third poetry collection in 2009. Kilmog Press (NZ) will be publishing his next collection this November. Iain’s website (iainbritton.co.nz) has recently been updated.