Keith Nunes



I'm on the step of the verandah sniffing the moon, no offence, nothing is taken only
offered, we are in a tight genderless relationship, there is no-one else within my
orbit, confidence and comfort sit tidily on my shirted shoulders, nothing like this
has parted my lips, we share and provoke and prompt, this is what I'd hoped of
meaningful — without fickle words, without precedent, the unabashed moon doesn't
boast of histories, doesn't suggest I'll be the last or best, just allows — I'm
deliciously bewitched and yet somehow doomed, here I am — dragged in and out like
the tide, forever fearing the setting



Keith Nunes (Lake Rotoma, New Zealand) was a newspaper sub-editor for more than 20 years but he now writes to stay sane. He’s been published around NZ and Australia (Landfall, Poetry NZ, Snorkel etc) and increasingly in the UK and the US, was highly commended in the 2014 NZ Poetry Society international poetry competition and is a Pushcart Prize nominee. He lives with artist Talulah Belle.