Barbara Fisher



is such a nothing time,
the flat time of the day.
The sun, if it’s sunny,

is at a boring middle state;
if it’s dull or raining
there’s a level of greyness

only relieved by lunch.
Monet doubtless painted
haystacks in noon light,

but mostly artists left
this time of day alone.


Late Afternoon

was the favoured time
for painters of pastorals,
so deft with honeyed light

and pools of warm shadow,
tiny figures picked out
with dabs of luminous colour

- a woman’s straw hat,
a boy’s red jacket,
flocks of golden sheep

and reflective cows,
sepia flanks aglow.
Almost one hears

the stir of birds - busy
with evening arrangements
before the sun goes down.



Barbara Fisher has worked as an illustrator, copywriter, editor, art teacher and, most recently, as an antiquarian bookseller. Her first book of poetry was Archival Footwork (Indigo, 2001), her second collection, Still Life. Other Life (Ginninderra Press) was published in 2007. She is represented in various anthologies, including Best Poems of 2004, Best Poems of 2006 (Black Inc.) and The Best Australian Poetry 2007 (UQP).