Mark Mahemoff


More Human

Late September.
the ubiquitous sound
of tyre tread
ploughing through puddles.
It’s a dull blue/grey sky:
the colour white clothes
eventually take on.
Construction machinery
is softened in this light.
It’s been pelting down
all night and day.
the building site nearby
has been reduced to sludge.
You will the storm
to flood these streets,
to rinse the tarnished footpaths,
to sooth your hectic thoughts,
to deliver you from damage
in its confident arms.


The Window

Instinctively I awoke
to switch off the bathroom light
and found it was a full moon,
like a halogen lamp
beaming through the window.
I stood near the sink,
bathed in its hope
on a cold, clear night.
I filled a cup with water
and drank to its presence.



Mark Mahemoff’s first book of poetry, Near-Life Experience, was published by Gininnderra Press in 2002. In 2003 he received an Australia Council grant which enabled him to finish his new book Traps and Sanctuaries, published by Puncher and Wattmann in September 2008. Mark works as a marriage therapist and also plays the drums in various musical projects.